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We are a Family Friendly Facility! Escape Rooms for ages 4 and Up & Axe Throwing Ages 8 and Up!

Kids 15 & under REQUIRE parent (non-participatory adults not charged)

Persons under 18 must have waiver signed by parent

Open by appointment through
the week for groups of 4 or more with advanced notice!


Escape Room/Axe Throwing=$40/Person
Book your appointments back to back, you will pay when you come in - discount will be applied when you play!  

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2021 Prices - 2022 FUN!!

Click on the 'Book Here' link and book your Escape Room and Axe Throwing back to back. You will pay when you come in and we will apply the discount at the time of checkout. Scroll down to find out more about each escape room. 

Hey there, welcome to our immersive Escape Room experience. Here at The Sweet Escape Room, we’ll go out of our way to entertain and challenge you. Our team of skillful game designers have created a selection of rooms perfect for families, friends, tourists, co-workers all kinds of special events and more. 
We have a small private party room available for ONE HOUR BEFORE OR AFTER your experience, that we currently offer as a complimentary service to our customers when paying full price for Escape Room or Axe Throwing or if doing the combo special. Party room is intended for participants only. If you are reserving the party area, please plan for only one hour in that area.  You may bring your own food, cake, etc. 
We also have a deal with the 1860 Tap Room available-take your receipt when you are finished with us and they offer 10% off of your purchase!




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 Local Escape Room!

The Sweet Escape Room has recently opened near you! A new great low cost ($25/person) form of entertainment that will immerse you in an adventure you won't easily forget. We offer adult and Jr Escape Rooms as well as Axe Throwing

Great for

  • Date Night 

  • Couples/Girls/Guys/Family Night Out

  • Team Building Events for businesses

  • Looking for a unique way to propose?! We have ideas!

  • Birthday Parties

  • Batchelor/Batchelorette Parties  

We are located in THE DISTRICT at 129 Harrison Ave, Harrison, Ohio.

Find us on Facebook:   or for Axe Throwing


Curse of the Pharaoh's

It's September of the year 2025. Due to new technology there has been a never before identified room found in the Valley of the Kings. You have just arrived at the latest archaeological site where it was previously thought that Ramesses XI was the last of the royal pharaohs to be buried in the valley of the Kings. This latest discovery has changed everything. A previously unearthed tomb of a yet unknown King has been revealed! Ancient scrolls have been uncovered that indicate that a little known, but coveted, statue somewhere within the room has been said to lead to a secret treasure map promising untold riches. But! BEWARE the CURSE of the PHARAOHS: 

"Cursed be those who disturb the rest of a Pharaoh. They that shall break the seal of this tomb shall meet death by a disease that no doctor can diagnose."

There is also an archaic strain of a grotesque bacteria penetrates your immune system and causes permanent damage or even death!

Curse of the Pharaoh.jpg
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The Curse of the Pharaohs is a true story about an ancient tomb that was recently discovered in Egypt. The Curse of the Pharaohs is an adventure for people who enjoy using logic and putting things together to investigate the clues and solve puzzles to reveal the secret treasures within. Book this to see if you have what it takes to beat the clock. We recommend 6-10 people for this room, however we leave it up to each group to determine their comfort level. We charge in this room for ages 6 and up.
The Lost Cabin Gold Mine

In The fall of eighteen hundred and ninety one, a friend of my grampa named Jacob Waltz, an old German Prospector, died in Phoenix.

Now under his bed they found a mass fortune in high grade gold ore. He said he had found it in an old abandoned Mexican mine, back in the shadow of the majestic Superstition Mountains.

Now, according to my pa, this mine, it really does exist, it's not a myth, that sucker is back there and one of these days, someone is gonna find it.

Well, Jacob took his secret to the grave and people have been searchin' for it ever since. There are a lot of different maps that claim to be the right one, but if you find just the right ones, well, then you just might have a chance!

I guess I better not give you too much information, but if you're going back there searchin', you be careful! Many people have died lookin' for that gold!

The Lost Cabin Gold Mine is a true story that happened back in the shadows of The Superstition Mountains, in Arizona. This Escape Room is all about exploring, discovery and finding things, then bringing those things together to Escape the Gold Mine before time runs out! You have to unearth the clues and figure out how they fit together. The starting place in this room is a little smaller than the other Escape Rooms, but there are enough puzzles to solve and elements to uncover for the recommended 5-10 people in this room, however we leave it up to each group to determine their own comfort level. We charge in this room for ages 6 and up.

Last Voyage of The Adventure Galley!

Captain Kidd Jolly Roger.png

Choose your adventure: Can be booked as an adult room or as a junior/family room! Please read entire description before booking.

William Kidd was a Privateer turned Pirate who captained The Adventure Galley during the Golden Age of Piracy. He traveled the Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Oceans where he and his men seized many ships and innumerable treasures. Captain Kidd was captured and hanged as a warning to other pirates on May 23, 1701. A half a century later, an old sailor on his deathbed, confessed to being a crewmember and helping Captain Kidd bury a large treasure on Oak Island. The legendary loot is said to be over $20 million in today's money. 

Legend has it that a wealthy Englishman, Hubert Palmer, a collector of genuine pirate  artifacts came to be in possession of four pieces of furniture from The Adventure Galley.  Each piece had a secret compartment containing a piece of a complete treasure map. They say that if you can find all four pieces, you can find the hidden fortune on Oak Island. You must find the   entire map, walk the plank and escape the island!    But, remember, the Mystery of Oak Island says that seven men must die before the island will give up her riches. So far, there  have been six...

The Last Voyage of the Adventure Galley is a true story about a Scottish Pirate that lived in the 1600's. This Escape Room will be full of adrenaline crushing adventure. It is a very active room, full of high energy movements  geared toward active people. You will seek out and examine clues on the Adventure Galley so that you can explore Oak Island to find the hidden treasure. We charge in this room for ages 4 and up. JR VERSION: This Jr Room is recommended for ages 10+ if you are planning a birthday party or other groups of kids. Each participant under age 18 must have waiver completed by parent prior to playing. This room requires a minimum of 6 people to book for adult or Jr version. This room is NOT handicap accessible.

Junior/Family Carnival Room

You are in your  bedroom hanging  out, when  suddenly you see a light shining from your wardrobe door. You try to get it open, but it's stuck. Eventually you figure it out and when you do, you are transported to another place. You find yourself in the middle of a carnival, but this one is different. You find out that the Carnival Phantom was spotted and now the clown, Billy Buttons, is missing! You are stuck there, the only way out is to solve the mystery, but it won't be easy! You must collect the clues, find Billy Buttons and get out before the the Carnival Phantom strikes again! You have 45 minutes!! BE CAREFUL!

This Room is for ages 4-12. Age 4-7 mostly for family situations, 8+ for families or groups of kiddos. At least one adult is required to be present in the room. This is a great room for Birthday parties or other groups of youth gatherings! The Carnival room is set up for up to 10 kids to play.

The Rugh Mast Mansion

This is an adult Escape Room RECOMMENDED for 2-5 people. It has a PG-13 rating for creepiness (not inappropriateness).

The Rugh-Mast Mansion was originally built as the Red Rock Tavern, with many hidden passages and secret chambers. It was later converted to a mansion. We don’t know much about the early days except they are shrouded in tales of a nefarious nature. What we do know is that sometime in the 1930’s, a family of five were finally seen moving in to the long-abandoned estate. However, once the last box had been carried into the home and the door was shut, they were never seen outside the manor walls again. After some time had passed, a curious neighbor tried walking inconspicuously past, doing her best to peer in, just to get a glimpse. Shifting her gaze from window to window, she suddenly realized that a woman was peering down at her from the second story, seemingly following her movements. The neighbor, realizing that she had been detected, quickly averted her gaze and hurried to make her way back home. The following day, now even more curious, she returned to the looming structure--only to discover that once again the woman was there, matching her gaze. Once more she scurried away, embarrassed. This happened for 10 days, until finally the suspicious neighbor alerted the local police. Upon entering the home and making their way up a secret staircase, they found hidden passageways which finally led to a private chamber. Here they discovered the family of five, hanging from the ceiling, all in long white gowns. The lady of the house, Mary, happened to be facing out the window of the second-story bedroom. No one has dared inhabit this mystifying residence since. No one knows for sure, but local tales tell that this is the infamous "Bloody Mary" of folklore. 

It is now 12:58 AM on September 21, 2015. The derelict mansion is set for demolition today, but there is a way to save it. One of the children is thought to have hidden a doll with a secret that could reveal everything, just before she died at precisely 2 AM! Can you break into this creepy mansion and recover the doll to discover the secret and make it out before the clock strikes 2 AM?

rugh Mast Mansion.png

The Rugh Mast Mansion is a story that happened in Lancaster Ohio. In The Rugh Mast Mansion you will be lured into an immersive set that promises to beguile then surprise you. We have put our heart into this fun new room where entertainment meets mystery and investigation! This room is meant for groups of 2-5 people that want to be challenged and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. 

This room will be great for beginner groups of up to 5 people or groups of 2 that enjoy a good conundrum! You will be busy for the entire duration of your 60 minute session in this room, if you want to Escape! Our puzzles and props will provoke and then amaze you! This exciting room is rated PG-13 for creepiness! Come and try to Escape...if you dare...

Operating Hours & Cost

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We are staffed:
Friday : 3pm - 10pm (last group at 9:00)

Saturday: 1pm-9pm (last group at 8:00)
All other days/times: Call or Text for Appointment

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129 Harrison Ave
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What It Is

Axe throwing is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bulls eye as near as possible.  Today there are commercial locations all over the United States,  where participants can compete, similar to a mix between dart throwing and bowling. Some locations are part of larger organizations, or leagues, that are recognized nationally. 

We have a fun sitting area in the front where you can bring your own food, or light snacks and drinks available for purchase.

When you are finished with us, take your receipt to The  1860 Tap Room and receive 10% off of your purchase!!  Also, receive a discount when doing both the Sweet Axe Escape and the Sweet Escape Room. $40/Person for both. Scroll down for more info!


Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in the heart of  'The District'. @:

129 Harrison Ave, Harrison, Ohio 45030.


Q. How many people can you accommodate? 

A. We can accommodate approximately 32 people in the Axe Throwing Facility. Varying 

numbers in the Escape Rooms.


Q. Do you charge by the person?  

A. We charge per person/hour.


Q. How do I contact you?

A. You can contact us online at: or

you can text/call 812-621-2527


Q. Do you do private Team Building Events?

A. Yes. Please contact us at 812-621-2527 to book your private event. We book outside of normal hours for large groups. Deposit must be made ahead of time and you will be charged for the actual number of people that are booked.


Q. What is the age limit for Axe Throwing?

A. We allow as young as 8 years old, with parent present, no more than 2 minors (under 14) per parent.


Q. How long is an Axe Throwing Session?

A. Axe Throwing sessions are by the hour.

Additional time may be purchased if there is no one scheduled after you.


Q. Do you have someone to show us how to throw an axe?

A. Yes, we show you how to throw and offer light coaching as you are throwing. 


Q.  How do I book a session?

A. You can book @: or text/call 812-621-2527


Q.  Do you serve/allow alcohol?

A. We do not serve or allow alcohol, we are not permitted to be zoned in this manner. HOWEVER - If you take your receipt after your hour with us to The 1860 Taproom, they will give you 10% off of your purchase!!


League Night

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Date Night

Group Night

Team Building

Family Night

Birthday Party

Scout Troops 

& More

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Fri: 3 pm - 10 pm

Sat: 1 pm - 9 pm

All other days: Text or call for appointment


Cost is $25/Person

or do Escape Room/Axe Throwing Combo for $40/Person

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Sweet Escape Adventures

129 Harrison Ave, Harrison, Oh  45030