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Last Voyage of Adventure Galley

Last Voyage of the Adventure Galley-6 person MINIMUM - READ ABOUT THIS ROOM BEFORE BOOKING!

  • 1 hour
  • 129 Harrison Ave, Harrison, Oh 45030

Service Description

UPDATED MARCH 2024. ALL NEW ROOM-ALL NEW CLUES! If you have previously done this room, come try again!! THIS ROOM HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REDONE WITH ALL NEW PUZZLES, CLUES AND FUN!! This room has several puzzles that require multiple people. You'll need to bring your smart friends and all of your teamworking skills! This room was created for larger groups and has enough puzzles to keep larger groups entertained and busy the entire hour - we promise! This room is NOT Handicap accessible; YOU ARE CHOOSING THE ACTIVE/FAMILY VERSION OF THIS ROOM! AT LEAST ONE PARENT REQUIRED IN THIS ROOM. This is a 6 PERSON MINIMUM (We recommend at least four of the people be ages 13+). All children under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent/guardian to participate To book combo-book Escape Room and Axe Throwing back to back-you will pay in store not online. Anyone under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent/guardian. The Last Voyage of the Adventure Galley is a TRUE story about a Scottish Pirate in the 1600-1700's. William Kidd was a Privateer turned Pirate who captained The Adventure Galley during the Golden Age of Piracy. He traveled the Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Oceans where he and his men seized many ships and innumerable treasures. Captain Kidd was captured and hanged as a warning to other pirates on May 23, 1701. A half a century later, an old sailor on his deathbed, confessed to being a crewmember and helping Captain Kidd bury a large treasure on Oak Island. The legendary loot is said to be over $20 million in today's money. Legend has it that a wealthy Englishman, Hubert Palmer, a collector of genuine pirate artifacts came to be in possession of four pieces of furniture from The Adventure Galley. Each piece had a secret compartment containing a piece of a complete treasure map. They say that if you can find all four pieces, you can find the hidden fortune on Oak Island. You must find the entire map, walk the plank and escape the island! But, remember, the Mystery of Oak Island says that seven men must die before the island will give up her riches. So far, there have been six... This Escape Room will be full of adrenaline crushing adventure. It is a very active room, full of high energy movements geared toward active people. You will seek out and examine clues on the Adventure Galley so that you can explore Oak Island to find the hidden treasure.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so someone else can book that time slot!

Contact Details

  • 129 Harrison Ave, Harrison, OH 45030, USA

    + 812-621-2527

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